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To inspire & cultivate growth in organizations and individuals,

to embrace themselves, humanity and nature

Burnout is not the only issue confronting our tech-heavy society. When was the last time you solved a problem without using your phone, computer or the internet? What about working with someone you did not know to solve a problem?

Technology has taken over the responsibility of thinking and communicating for us, while our abilities to innovate and effectively communicate are quietly atrophying. In the relentless pursuit of experiencing everything we inadvertently reduce the quality of our own experiences.


GrowOut wants to defeat these trends by reintroducing individuals, professionals and teams to the power of their own mental devices, resiliency and human collaboration. Through the power of nature, in an immersive wilderness experience, and a comprehensive curriculum, individuals and teams will learn (or re-learn) the importance of connection, reflection, self-care and the growth mindset. Participants will leave the program with tools that help them make better decisions for both their companies and themselves.

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